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Pelosi is neither right nor wrong, correct nor incorrect. She is simply NTB (not too bright). She has a lot of company in Congress, such as the Orange Man and Lipless McConnell. Fairy Reid, on the other hand, is just a mean, devious little man with a Napoleonic complex. A pox on both sets of 'leadership'.
My memory bank fails me on this one as it was not so consequential to me, but I know his daughter slipped out of one scandalous noose. I figured he got her in a new honey-hole.
No, NRML. You SPECIFICALLY said that Issa released documents that RESULTED IN DEATHS. So, SPECIFICALLY I ask you to identify the documents and the people who died as a result of the 'release' by Issa. I fail to understand why such documents would not have been viewed in a classified setting if they were so sensitive. If I can verify that lives have been lost by carelessness or care - less - ness, I will be at the front of the mob calling for heads to roll.
Let me break this to you gently, shall, I wish the same for the GOP Elite Establishment and Good Ole Boys Club, including, but not limited to, Phat Karl Rove, Prince Previous, the Bush boys, NittWittMitt, and all the rest who support them, including, but not limited to, the Orange Man and Lipless McConnell. They have destroyed what was once truly a Grand Old Party.
Why not? Then we could claim it is patterned on the U.N. Security Council.
Don't confuse crazy with stupid. Stupidity abounds on both sides of the aisle, Gowdy excluded from that group.
NRML, if it STILL exists and is not given an ex-post facto claw back of 'classified'. How is it that documents are turned over by a judge that were not presented, or were so excessively edited that they were unreadable, to a Congressional committee? That is absurdity. The Congressional committee had subpoena power and used it. Shame on the Sec. of State's office and the Obama people.
In any event, I hope Romney stays flushed and takes Phat Karl and Prince Previous along with him.
If he did that, then he should be. Again, I ask you what documents and who the people were. I need some verifiable facts to work from. I give no quarter to wrong-doing on either side. I do want some basic questions answered on Benghazi now, though. The stalling has gone on long enough.
Specifically what documents and who are you talking about, NRML? A broad-brush won't do. Give verifiable facts.
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