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O'Tay is taking notes to learn how to become an 'elected' dictator here. If it weren't for his laziness, he would be farther along in his course studies.
Agree with you completely on last sentence. We have not fought a 'war' since WWII. Since then we have gotten involved with 'sensitivities' and being liked. What a crock.
LOL! Just as long as we don't bomb another Chinese embassy...
It was Marco Rubio who used the word 'tyrant'.
I would be interested to read thoughts on the suggestions Ted Cruz made. Anyone?
I respectfully disagree on one point. I don't believe the indolent, insolent little twit would work himself up to blow 'hot air' unless his thin skin is penetrated by what he perceives as a personal insult.
It's a pity there is no 'like' button as I would hit it for your comments that I have read so far. I think most voters are 'low information' voters these days in that they adopt what they hear and do not familiarize themselves with history and research the topic. In a stand-off between Obama and Putin, Obama is clueless as to his adversary.
Precisely, Dan. What does strategic thinking and logic have to do with a damned thing?
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