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Benghazi: Obama and His Ilk Hung Chris Stevens and Others Out to Dry

Summers Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 5:41 PM
GAMMA-RAY-BURSTER, I understood that Chris Stevens had lived in Libya when he was in the Peace Corps. It has been said by many, including his family, that he loved the country and its people. I see your point about his sexual orientation and the problems that creates with Islamic fundamentalists, but isn't that same problem created with a female ambassador to Egypt?
GAMMA-RAY-BURSTER Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 5:53 PM
I supose and only time will tell. Play 'experiament' with the live of people that are 'different' by sending them into known danger zones and nations... more often than not will tend to end with bad results.

But then you get what is voted for by dolts of the democrat "party"... such as Obama and Hillary (the Billary pillow educated 'experiment' made SOS who as with her 'teacher'... Billary''... along with Elizabeth 'injun' Warren... has a eye on another prize. That prize is SCOTUS (buyer beware).

The risk of the above can be ended on November 6th... sending these clown into retirement in two cases and in the third... back to Harvard Law where she can 'affirmatively' continue teaching the simplest form of Law... which is bankruptcy law.

This past Friday the State Department released internal docs showing that Chris Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to hell’s corridor in Libya, begged Obama’s boys in D.C. to ramp up security in Benghazi. And, as we all know now, he got nothing from the State Department but was allowed to be tortured and murdered by “democracy seekers” from the “Religion of Peace” in the “liberated” nation of Libya.

As far as I am concerned, blood is dripping from Obama’s golf-gloved campaign hands. Whatever do I mean, you ask? Well, according to James Rosen’s findings in the newly released damning papers, it’s crap...