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I'm surprised the town hasn't burned to the ground what with all the pants on fire in DC.
"Ultimately, an American citizen, unless their passport's revoked, is entitled to come back." So, revoke their passports. Seems simply enough.
Send them to Chicago. They'll fit right in.
Hey, I'm all for "international protection" for these people. Where can we send them internationally to get some?
Bus them up to DC and unload in front of the White House.
How many illegal votes are acceptable? However many are required. I've long maintained that if it weren't for voter fraud and media bias, Democrats would seldom win national or, in many cases, even state-wide elections.
It's a tax credit. You do not need to have paid any taxes to earn a tax credit "refund." People receive tax credit "refunds" in excess of any income taxes paid all the time. Tax credits allow many low income workers to recover the money they've paid in payroll taxes (and then some quite often).
I don't get this. Didn't Congress years ago make a rule that tax filers claiming dependent children would have to supply social security numbers for them? (As I recall, after rule went into effect, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dependent children mysteriously disappeared from the tax rolls.) So, where are these kid's social security numbers? Are the fraudulent filers making them up? The IRS says it's not their job to determine which filers are "undocumented." Okay, fair enough. But isn't it their job to determine the validity of social security numbers before sending out billions of dollars in child credit refunds??
Fine, except that Clinton didn't get impeached over an affair.
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Phony in Chief

SukieTawdry Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 2:20 PM
Phony? Yes, but then he's always been a phony. This incident shows that he's also an unequivocal liar who disrespects his audience and treats them as rabble to be roused instead of voters to be persuaded. Any white politician who approached a black audience in this disdainful manner would be labeled "racist."
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