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Liberal Media: Obama's Front Line

SugarLandSteve Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 9:25 AM
Members of the "Mainstream Media" should be required to undergo the same type of scrutiny and background checking that they support for gun owners and gun dealers. Make them register themselves before they are allowed to engage in journalistic malpractice.
pow1000 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 10:58 AM

The mainstream media is just a Soros propaganda machine, nothing more. I wish people would realize that, but the low information voters are so easily led by them.
It seems the liberal media are more concerned about Sen. Marco Rubio's midspeech sip of water than about President Obama's State of the Union commitment to double down on his disastrous policies.

What will it take for once-reasonable people to become alarmed at the state of this nation's fiscal condition, its stagnant economy and its egregious unemployment? Is there no number of irresponsible liberal policies from an extremist liberal president that will exceed their willingness to tolerate? Do liberal media -- and rank-and-file Democrats, for that matter -- believe that this recklessness can go on forever?

Knowing President Obama's capacity for fiscal folly...