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I will be attending the convention this weekend, no question. MOLON LABE
I have no sympathy or use for anybody, that as their fist action upon coming into our country, is a willful and deliberate violation of our law.
No more Senators for POTUS.
The border was supposed to be secured when President Reagan sign the 1986 Amnesty Bill into law. So much for "trusting" the RATs and the RINOs.
Like I keep telling my SQUISHY Congress Puke (Pete Olson - TX 22), "I did NOT send you to the House to PLAY FOOTSIES with the RATs. I sent you there to OPPOSE them at every turn. If you can't do that, I will find someone else that will."
Rubio sent a bumper sticker to me last week as part of a solicitation to support his PAC. I tossed it into the trash. I now regret supporting him in the beginning and see no reason to support him in the future.
Mexico has announced that they will no longer have a team to compete in the Olympics. It seems that everyone that can run, jump and swim is in the United States already.
Let's be honest, shall we? Barak Hussein Obama is only capable of one thing. Screwing up everything that he comes in contact with. Beyond that, he's one magnificent waste of dna.
My thinking was to turn it into a training ground for our Special Operations personnel.
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