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Roger that! Let's see it done!
PS: How did this disgusting fat-body ever get a degree in education to begin with? Oh! I forgot. QUOTAS! Never mind.
Well, yeah! You know that every Socialist generated program that fails miserably in it's execution does so only because of "Rich White People" and RACISM. These failures, which are as numerous as the day is long, could never, ever be attributed to the idea that the program was so poorly designed to begin with that, the lowly Union member might lack the intellect, commitment, talent and/or ability to possibly ever make sense out of what they are expected to accomplish from the beginning.
In addition, as it stands now, this Amnesty measure would allow criminals with multiple convictions to be awarded the DOOR PRIZE of citizenship with all the benefits that go with the status. I do wonder though, once these criminals are "citizens" will they then be subject to actually obeying laws that they have grown accustomed to violating? Won't that be too confusing for their fragile intellect to handle? Will we have to be tolerant of their lawless behavior for years to come?
One thing about Marco McCain that a lot of people are overlooking is the FACT that during the run-up to the 2012 Presidential race, Rubio was being touted as a strong VP candidate. At the time his personal finances were in such disarray that that wasn't going to happen. It seems that of late, his financial situation that improved significantly. Makes one wonder, doesn't it?
If we adopted the same laws regarding immigration that Mexico has, the Mexicans would run home faster than you can say "free Tacos". However, it is not just Mexicans. It is Mexicans that our RATs and PRiCs (PROGRESSIVE "REPUBLICANS" in CONGRESS = PRiC) are pandering to, though.
Cut off all taxpayer provided benefits. Period. They will self deport faster than you can snap your fingers.
Sessions is a very good man. Not quite up to the level of Senator TED CRUZ, but better than some others by a country mile.
Marco McCain seems content with de-valuing US Citizen status to nothing more worthwhile than a cheap DOOR PRIZE to be awarded to just anybody. I sincerely hope & pray that Allen West decides to run the the Senate seat that is currently wasting on this lightweight. If West runs, I will support him, fully.
I will be attending the convention this weekend, no question. MOLON LABE
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