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And what these brainiacs fail to tell you, after the "We can't do anything until Obama is history" is that once it passes, and fails, that Single Payer will fill the vacuum left by ObamaCare and will be worse than ObamaCare could have ever been - Obama and his progressive party has said as much, time and time agein. Senator Reid has said it numerous times recently. So sure, let's just shut up and wait - because then it will be stuck, just like Social Security (broke) amd Medicare (also broke). So yeah, you became a RINO overnight Senator, and you're going to have to accept that just like you want us to accept ObamaCare.
Except that UNC is a public which means they're "allocating" taxpayer money.
Aaaaand THIS is why I stopped donating to UNC, as has my wife and most of my friends. (All UNC-CH alumni). It was a liberal enclave for decades, and has now become a liberal cesspool. Yes, the basketball tix were hard to give up at first, but idiotic and highly leftist-biased decisions like this continue to mount and make my decision to cut them off look better and better by the day.
Wrong. See my recent comment about Sen. Reid giving in on filibuster reform. Read my lips - no gun models will be banned between now and 2016 (and quite likely for years after that too). Bank on it. They will not get 60 Senators to sign off on cloture now - as it would take all the Dems + some Reps...and I contend that at least 10 Dem Senators would have voted against a gun ban bill anyway.
Nevermind. Reid just caved on the filibuster rules (knowing that a Republican President is now very likely in 2016 and the Senate Dem majority is hardly etched in stone). It'll take 60 votes to get this to cloture still, and in the run up to a tenuous 2014 outlook for vulnerable Dem Senators, this will not happen. From here on in, "gun ban" legislation in 2013-2016 will be a dog and pony show only.
They didn't miss the point - they did their part to perpetuate the liberal propaganda that'll be heard from now until this bill's defeat. Yes, defeated. 20 Dem Senators running for re-elect in 2014 vs 14 Rep Senators? A number of those Dem Senators are in states that really like the 2nd Amendment too? I think Reid showed his hand when he said, perhaps as much honestly as it was accidentally, that this legislation would have a hard time passing during this 2012-2014 session. BUT - let them, and Obama, spend all the political capital on this loser cause that they wish, as that only works to our advantage as O's lame duck term unravels.
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