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Yes, and God disapproved of all of it, as well.
By whose standards is it wrong? Judge not, lest ye be judged...:)
Good point.
Right on. Also if everyone should be free to love, why should not everyone be free to hate?
Who says it has to be an allegory? It actually does diminish its teachings--What if we said the US tax code was an allegory? Would that diminish its force?
Were you there? How would you know?
Artistic Expression is a bogus argument. People's personal beliefs are reflected in their actions, like it or not. If this wasn't a bogus argument, I could kill someone and say it was "artistic expression" 'Sides, does what society accept become what is right? Talkin' about a slippery slope...
Ok, Robert1824: 1. "There is zero chance of incest and pedophilia being legalized in America. It's not going to happen." How do you know this? It's funny because 75 years ago, we would have said the same thing about "gay marriage." 2. "Most liberals don't want this,either, including me." It doesn't matter how many people want it, right? It's about being true to who you are. Anyway, why not? Give me a solid answer why you would not want this.
They don't know what it means, Bill1895. That's just the point. It sound bad, so they have to bully people with it. The 2 things they are good at: Bullying/control, and changing definitions. For the debate, here IS the definition (which equally applies to sodomites): "A person who is obstinately and unreasonably wedded to a particular religious creed, opinion, practice or ritual. The word is sometimes used in an enlarged sense, for a person who is illiberally attached to any opinion, or system of belief; as a bigot to the Mohammedan religion; a bigot to a form of government." For the record, I am not "homophobic" For 1) I am not afraid of them, just their agenda, which is a JUSTIFIABLE fear.
It's okay. It's quite normal to invent a term so you can foist it upon people. You say we're "homophobic"? We say you're truthophobic.
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