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Good. It looks like more people are using birth control.
Pardon me: Edits: ---> ever -> over and We have to GO through billions
What a load of rubbish. Lots of speculation without any facts or figures. Typical propaganda. Oh, and the reason the economy is stagnant or recovering slowly might have alot to do with the volumes of uncertainty ensured by the Republican Party ever the last three years. We have to do through the billions they just blew for nothing every few months? And the uncertainty? Are business leaders happy about this? Absolutely not. Repubs are killin' the country. Not Obama.
You have been hearing about the FEMA camps, eh? And yet, they don't exist. Kind of like those Death Panels. Or the supposed Benghazi scandal. Or the supposed IRS scandal. Or Romney in a landslide. Or ObamaCare would be found unConstitutional. Or Obama is a Kenyan. My goodness, the list could go on for hours. And you all have been wrong on EVERYTHING. Aren't you tired of being wrong? Maybe, just maybe, it's time to find another source of information.
Have you always been so bitter?
The gov't now is smaller and has less employees than when we had the last Republican president. Yep. It is a fact. How did that happen?
Look at you blaming everyone. Kinda funny.
Actually you are correct. The blue states were and are exorbitantly high. In every social and economic metric. And the 6 of 10 states that receive the more federal money than they put in, are red. Oops.
Yep. Sad, ain't it?
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