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Check Pavlich/Crowd at Michelle
' Stepford Annie' ? ? ? Same line you used on Laura Bush for 8 years. Creativity is at a Premium on the Left. Isn't It ?
CLINT EASTWOOD Comin' Up On Hannity
to apologise
OK ! Let me try to splain' sumpin to ya, Sonny. Yo Daddy, mentioned buying some pistol ammo. I assumed we were talking about some sort of Civil Unrest. I also assumed that he was thinking of a CQB defensive situation. My point was this. In a Civil Disturbance, I would prefer the engagement to begin at, oooh say, 300 yards or so. As a Deadly Marine Sniper, I just know you can relate to That. So, is a Marine Sniper Man Enough for Butting In and Making a Threat to Me ?
That was Taco Bill
FACT : Das would like to be Done by both of them
Idiot ! I hope your CO doesn't actually give you a bullet
Cptn' Kiddie OH ! So Now it's about ME ?
MD No One Will Be Allowed Within Pistol Range of Me. I Like to Reach Out And Touch Someone. AT&T
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