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Slaughtered 'Sons Of Anarchy'

Stuart Koehl Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 7:45 AM
Skipped Titus Andronicus, did you? And, I guess, most of the obscenities and double entendres went over your head, because they were uttered in an Elizabethan idiom.
All you have demonstrated, Hewitt, is you care more for power and outcomes than you do for upholding the constitutional processes that guarantee our liberty. If you like the parliamentary system so much, just outright state that you want a parliamentary system, without the checks and balances, without the division of powers, that the Founders put in place precisely because they did NOT want it easy for the Federal government to implement change.
Diana knows as much about strategy as my cats.
Was there a point to this pointless diatribe, or did you just have a deadline to meet and nothing to say?
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Another Ebola Risk: It Eats Logic

Stuart Koehl Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 1:22 PM
You are panicking. Ebola is a sorry excuse for a virus. A good virus wants to be easily transmitted and keep its host alive as long as possible, so it can replicate itself often and infect other hosts. But Ebola is both hard to transmit (just don't wallow in anyone's blood, mucus, feces, urine, vomit or other bodily fluids), and it kills its host in a matter of days. And that's why Ebola burns itself out so quickly, when proper epidemiological precautions are taken. In other words, this is a disease which we know how to handle, if people would just stop running round like chickens without their heads cut off, and pay attention. And how many people are we talking about, anyway? On any given day, about 150 people enter the U.S. from one of the infected areas. Most enter through one of five international airports. And most of those people do not fly directly from the infected areas, but travel through other international air hubs first. So, by the time they get here, if they have been infected, they will begin showing symptoms soon. Simple screening measures at the point of entry ought to suffice. Banning all travel to and from the infected areas really does nothing except make it more difficult to contain the outbreak in Africa (which is where we ought to be making our defensive stand) by providing the necessary personnel, equipment and infrastructure.
It's an interesting proposal. It would get rid of one of the most consistently stupid voting groups in the country.
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War Is Hell

Stuart Koehl Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 6:57 AM
I think we should be curious enough to investigate why rates of PTSD overall are much higher for GWOT veterans than it was for veterans of World War II, where the combat was orders of magnitude more intense, and the risk of death or injury exponentially higher for those at the sharp end. I think we also need to ask why PTSD rates in GWOT are higher for CS and CSS troops, many of whom never heard a shot fired in anger, than it is for combat arms troops, and why, paradoxically, it's lowest for those who saw the most combat; i.e., men in special operations units. Among the questions we need to ask are whether PTSD is being over diagnosed (risking it becoming the military equivalent of ADHD in public schools); and whether our training, particularly for support troops, is adequate to insulate our soldiers from the psychological trauma of combat.
Just their way of "Stickin' it to Da Man".
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Why Americans Dislike Soccer

Stuart Koehl Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 3:59 PM
A sport that doesn't require opposable thumbs? How appropriate for Europeans and Third World types.
Moreover, Hobby Lobby does not inquire into the personal lives of its employees. If they did, SFR would be even more outraged than he pretends to be now.
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