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The Best of Comrades

stuart97 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 9:07 PM
And give the sponsors a closed-book, true-false test to see if they read it and understand it.
Wow! I remember plenty of confusion during puberty - guess I really dodged a bullet by not acquiring homosexuality.
Mike, I get what you're saying about the perks of being a politician. Pretty sweet deal if you're smart enough to get there. But how do you explain pols like Pelosi, Biden, and Reid? They've reached the top of their profession, but how? They're not smart enough to be middle managers. The only explanation is that they are real-life Chauncey Gardiners.
Graham is what's wrong with the Party. He's a nice guy, has made some good contributions to the legislative effort, and looks pretty good compared to other senators. It seems cruel to throw him out. But like Dole, the Bushes, McCain, Romney, Boehner, McConnell, etc., Graham has a squishy, fickle core. You never know exactly where those RINO's will stand on an issue; they themselves don't know until they've consulted the daily polls and their deep-pocket campaign contributors. Whether or not he's your cup of tea, Ron Paul has principles, and he sticks to them. You can always predict where a libertarian will stand on the issues, and they're not always on the campaign trail trying to weasel out of responsibility for their stands.
Because if you want to deflect blame and avoid responsibility, blaming whitey has always worked great. And it probably will again and again, until someone who's not a liberal-Democrat-populist takes the time to launch an education campaign that deals with facts.
Read somewhere today that Obama's deficit has now reached $6,000,000,000,000. Does anyone know where that amount of money, over and above tax receipts, went? That's some serious bucks. (To be fair, I'd like to know where the George Bush deficits went, too. But Bush clearly is not in Obama's league when it comes to spreading the wealth you don't have.)
And that's going to require soft-pedaling the religion aspect. There are not enough Christians, much less conservative Christians, to win a national election. The tent must welcome people who are as certain that Christians are mis-guided as the Christians are certain that they are mis-guided, but both are pledged to restore a Constitutional society.
Polls showed that whatever happened, Republicans would be blamed for any disruption caused by the Fiscal Cliff, just as they were blamed for the fed government shutdown years ago. What else would you expect from Low-Information Voters? And now Republicans will eat dirt for a week or two as the Democrats celebrate their political victory. The question is, what is the Republican strategy moving forward? Will they continue to be a doormat for BO and his media pals, or will they actually have a strategy? I suggest they figure out how to educate 10% of Low-Info Voters about the economic reality of recessions, unemployment, and entitlements before the 2014 primaries.
"The worst thing to happen to blacks in our history was slavery, and the second worst is the Democrat Party. As cities fall apart, crime rates rise, tell me when the Democrats will ever do anything ..." It would be counterproductive for the D's to address the wrongs they have visited on minorities, most visibly blacks. They would have to propose a cause and effect, and admit culpability. That just ain't their style. Now that Romney has flushed away all credibility of the old R Party, it's time for some angry, libertarian-leaning, young leaders to build the neoRepublican Party. Job One: a set of principles and principled actions. Job Two: start the process of holding D's responsible for what they have done over the past 50 years.
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The Stone Truth: Left-Wingers Are Boring

stuart97 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 12:18 PM
Maybe marginalization of Paul's supporters lost the election; maybe it didn't. But as the Republican Party tries to figure out why it lost what should have been the easiest election since Reagan-Carter, it should think about how it is going to expand its base so we don't have to face McConnell losing to Hillary in 2016. The only fiscally conservative, non-Republican group out there is the libertarians. And the libertarian principles are fundamentally attractive to any thinking person who still believes in freedom. Republicans would do well to talk to the libertarians, and vice-versa. They could combine to win a lot of elections without sacrificing principles, if they try.
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