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The No-Tax-Hike Pledge Is an IQ Test for Republicans

Stuart95 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 2:51 PM
1) Without compelling evidence, most people group the vote-frauders with truthers, birthers, etc. 2) Job 1 is reworking the platform to attract young people - this can only be done by appealing to their libertarian sensibilities. This may attract some favorable attention in the MSM; it may not. It's critical that the neoRepublicans produce enough ideological separation from the paleoRepublicans so that the neo's can join the MSM in decrying the "Bush recession", the "Bush war", etc. by saying, "That is no longer who we are. We believe government interference into private-sector responsibilities contributes to instability, and we believe that we should not take military action unless our shores or sovereignty are threatened."

Eugene Robinson is one of the group-think columnists at the Washington Post. Like E.J. Dionne, he is an utterly predictable proponent of big government. So it won’t surprise you to know that he wants taxes to go up and he’s a big fan of Obama’s class-warfare agenda.

He’s also a very partisan Democrat and wants the GOP to lose. Again, that’s not exactly a stunning revelation.

So when someone like Eugene Robinson starts offering advice to the Republican Party about tax policy, a logical person instantly should be suspicious that he’s actually trying to advance his own ideological and...

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