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School Choice, A Message that Resonates

Stuart95 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 10:39 AM
Had Romney chosen school choice as a twin topic to economic reform, he would have had plenty of data to show how the liberal-curriculum, union-run schools are robbing generation after generation of minorities of the foundation they need to prosper outside the government dole. Had he beaten the Democrats daily with their blatant failure to educate minorities, he could have converted enough votes to win. Now, who among the Republicans will stand up and use this subject against the Democrats for the 2014 elections?

Don’t forget the old admonition that things are never as bad as they seem after a defeat, as troubling times often beget great innovation. Those on the Left would be wise to also remember that things are never as good as they seem. A case on point is the issue of school choice.

On the issue of school choice free market messaging has been exceedingly potent. The winning message is first, every child deserves the very best education possible, meaning we should allow a child's family choice when it comes to which school they will attend regardless of economic standing, ethnicity,...