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Maybe They're Just That Dumb

Stuart95 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 5:30 PM
" In the Soviet Union, one of many failed Marxist states, the citizen was required to be patriotic and cheerful, while being mere slaves whose sole purpose was to serve the party elite." Doesn't BO's newly coined term, "economic patriotism", totally reek of Marxism? It conjures images of hundreds of smiling, well-fed workers marching toward the rising sun with shovels and axes and flags, eager to do their part to support their liberty-quashing government of elites (i.e. government one-percenters).

Being president was always easy for Barack Obama.

But delivering on the big words has been considerably tougher.

Obama’s big troubles stem from the rigidity of the left’s broken ideas. They admit of no compromise. Consequently, Obama has subsumed his whole personality into an unworkable progressive ideology that was dead outside of academia- and news rooms- until he resurrected it.

It’s the idea that a benign government of technocrats and academics can engineer near perfect justice at the trivial cost in liberty and money to us.

Yes; maybe they just are that dumb to think it could work.