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Kicked Out of County, Darth Union Strikes Back

Stuart95 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 10:41 AM
Education is a commodity, just like groceries, dry cleaning, gasoline, and lawn care. We wouldn't tolerate government managing other commodities (can you imagine a government-run auto-repair shop? government-run appliance store?) - so why do we surrender when it comes to something as important as education? Education should be provided by the private sector, albeit with tax-sponsored vouchers (this is America; we want everyone to have a chance at an education). Parents should decide which school their children should attend, just as they decide which cell-phone carrier to use. Poor schools will no more survive than do poor restaurants. Teachers' unions would no longer monopolize education because a free market is in charge.

All over the country, union leaders are demanding that communities cough up extra cash to help “make teachers whole.” And unions around the country are testing the waters with teachers by asking teachers in budget stricken districts to vote “no confidence” in the community to send a message to taxpayers to cough up cash or else.

Note: This is an important update to a previous story about one county that kicked out it's public employees' union.     

The “or else?”


In Chicago, the teachers strike was preceded, as it has been elsewhere, by a token “vote of no confidence” circulated by the Chicago Teachers Union, an...