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GOP Strategic Retreat?

Stuart95 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 1:41 PM
BO would never have been re-elected had he not been so successful in blaming the Repubs for his every failure. It Boehner-McConnell cut a deal in which the Democrats make any concessions whatever, the Repubs will surely take all the heat - again. Rand Paul's right - give Dems their tax & spend agenda, and make sure that ownership of the economy is well-documented. If this is seen as a failure for the Repubs, great. Time for them to enter a cocoon and emerge in 2014 as the Republican-Libertarian Party with solid, socially liberal and fiscally conservative PRINCIPLES, and new faces to spread the word. For Repubs who went ballistic at the mention of social liberalism: get over yourselves, or cede the economy for a long time.
Republicans are divided. President Obama won't budge. And more and more, it looks like the fiscal-cliff deadline of Dec. 31 will be missed.

It's now clear that Team Obama wants higher tax rates and revenue-raising tax-deduction caps to meet their $1.6 trillion revenue target. Spending cuts and entitlement reforms are vague to nonexistent. In fact, it could be that Obama not only rejects the across-the-board budget sequester, but that he actively seeks to raise spending, not cut it.

I guess it stands to reason that if you puff up his $800 billion revenue increase from last year, and double it to...