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Two reasons why this column cannot be true: 1) You cannot have gun violence in a city in which handguns are not permitted. 2) If there were that much difference in black and white violence rates in a Democrat-controlled city, Republicans would be all over the issue.
Louisiana GOP governor Jindal has generated a lot of attention and support from the black community by exposing the Democrats role in perpetuating education policies that have a disproportionately high bad effect on minorities. School choice is backed by both statistics and anecdotes, and is a slam-dunk issue for non-Democrats. Why Republicans have not used education to obliterate Democrats claim of racial sensitivity is beyond me.
Those are tools for enforcing existing laws. However, I've seen government estimates that the E-verify system will cost $25b; in other words, it will be much worse than the Obamacare Web debacle. (They should farm it out to some kids at Stanford; probably take three weeks and cost about $50k.) Also, the US has something like 10,000 miles of border, including nearly 3000 miles with Mexico. I don't see the government being able to build, much less operate, even a 3000-mile fence. They can't keep people from going over or under the small lengths of fence they already have.
One minor correction: For liberals, telling lie" is not "exagerat[ing]", it's "misspeaking". "Misspeaking" refers to a bald-faced lie that can be retracted by a liberal at any time with no political damage to the liar.
I don't believe Congressmen are stupid, but I think they are too easily influenced by million-dollar-a-year lobbyists who are paid a million dollars a year for their remarkable, repeatable ability to influence Congressmen.
1) Enforce existing laws prohibiting illegal entry into the US. 2) Enforce existing laws prohibiting hiring illegal aliens. 3) Enforce existing laws prohibiting welfare fraud. 4) Re-institute a law similar to the bracero program of 50 years ago. Problem solved.
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Our Unwillingness to Defend Ourselves

Stuart95 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 12:22 PM
If I were in charge of the non-Democrats, I'd make school choice my number-one political issue. The many ills of the government's public-school education monopoly/disaster are easily demonstrated, and they affect everyone. The minorities, especially, need to see what they've been voting for, year after year, on the progressive plantation. Besides, seeing Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Holder called on the carpet by a carefully crafted expose of public education would be priceless entertainment.
I have yet to meet a lawyer who is not really sharp. But intelligence does not protect against whatever genetic variation it is that causes them to ignore history and common sense and become a progressive. Al Gore, for instance, is probably pretty smart - but despite his intellect and training, he cannot resist being a climate alarmist despite the significant lack of hard facts supporting his ideas. (On the other hand, his climate activism got him a Nobel Prize and a ton of money - maybe he's smarter than all of us.)
X, just out of curiosity, what percentage of white Republicans/conservatives do you reckon are anti-black? Is it 100%?
90% of blacks reportedly voted against Mitt Romney - is that racism?
No libertarian advocates no taxes, as libertarians expect the government to enforce laws and contracts and defend the shores. And they do not believe that can be done for free.
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