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The Problem With Obama's Tax Plan

Stuart95 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 10:17 AM
Capitalism is based on billions of large and small daily decisions in which people choose how they make, invest, and spend their money. It is the height of ignorance and arrogance for politicians to believe that they, in their unique, infinite, and benevolent wisdom, can "fix" or fine-tune capitalism with thousands of rules and regulations, especially since most rules and regulations are whispered to them by special interests seeking to corrupt capitalism. Government should protect us against fraud, injury, and foreign invaders, and leave everything else alone. They cannot improve capitalism; they can only hurt us by crippling capitalism's unique ability to maximize prosperity for all.
Obama is completing the transition of the State of the Union address from a report on, well, the state of the union, into a 90-minute political infomercial. Just another aspect of the dumbing-down of America.
Coincidentally, I happen to be looking for a bomb-thrower to vote for in 2016. I have voted for my last pom-pom waver.
Looking for more converts, mj.
Hope wrote, "Electing a Liberal or a gutless Republican who will twiddle their thumbs while our country goes down the drain is worse than a Liberal president.". So far, we have been satisfied with running/electing the driver of the local bus to socialistic misery instead of the driver of the express bus to exactly the same destination. We have taught the Republican leadership - the slick-talking fat cats who are plenty happy with the money, power, and fame they have under the status quo - that there is little downside to offering up the next-in-line among soul-less, rudderless, milk-toast, Republican empty-vest lackeys. Some day, we will have to find a driver who will put the socialism bus into reverse. That will make us the enemy of the Democrats and the Republican insiders, but there seems no other remedy than hoping, again and fruitlessly, that the grass roots rise up and topple the self-serving Republican leadership. The longer we wait, the harder it will be. I say we move now.
Certainly the GOP competes with libertarian views moreso than do big-government, ends-justify-the-means Democrats. But I don't know any libertarians who wish to replace the GOP more than they wish a proper hearing within the GOP. Most libertarians were at one time a Republican, Democrat, liberal, or conservative. But you don't find many libertarians suddenly convinced that the symmetry of rights - the basis of libertarianism - is the wrong path.
Post-election polling confirmed that "many" conservatives did not vote for Romney. Do you have similar evidence for nose-biting libertarians, or does your statement simply flatter your view of libertarians?
Very well said, eric. Rand is attractive to groups of voters - young, black, disillusioned Democrats, etc. - who otherwise have nothing but scorn for Republicans. These are the voters who, if converted, add a Republican vote and subtract a Democrat vote at the same time. If conservatives would compare Rand's principles to those of the Constitution, they might not be so quick to judge. The same cannot be said of the records of most of the other names in the Republican circus.
About 45 minutes. It's really nothing more than enforcing laws already on the books. (This is not counting states like California, in which Democrats seem to be doing everything possible - no matter the cost - to ingratiate themselves to illegals. I don't know what to do about that. But the feds can surely begin to punish employers who knowingly hire illegals, and they can d sure stop passing out taxpayer money to people in the country illegally.)
Wouldn't it be waaaaay easier, and more logical, to simply remove the predominate incentive to immigrate illegally, that being money from jobs and/or welfare? Without removing the money, millions of really poor people will continue to take more and more risks to enter illegally - no matter the guns or barbed wire.
Context aside, "I do not believe that barbed-wire fences and guns on our border will solve any of our problems" works for me. Reportedly, tripling the guns and barbed wire has done little to slow the flow of illegals - especially when the administration has no intention of enforcing current immigration-control laws. Only when we remove the incentive to immigrate illegally - money, be it jobs and/or welfare - will the flow recede. Money will continue to make people invent new ways to enter illegally, and to take more risks.
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