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A Vulture Capitalist Cashes in on Failure

Stuart95 Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 11:43 AM
And it's a self-perpetuating scheme, as the recent appointment of Jack Lew as treasury secretary. He became a millionaire oscillating between government and the finance industry, to the point that his Citibank contract granted him a bonus if he left Citibank employment to take a "high position in the federal government". That reeks. Lest you think Yew is some kind of financial genius, read the transcript of his testimony in his appointment hearing. The guy evidently knows nothing and remembers nothing. He'll fit right into the new Obama cabinet.

A word to my friends in Washington: As you contemplate all the whiz-bang things that you’re going to do with your new-found tax dollars, please consider an important lesson found in biology.

If you want to successfully feed off the lives of others, don’t kill the host.

Obama may imagine that we don’t have a spending problem, but DC can only rake off so much before we implode.  

Parasites that want to survive, adapt to this truth.  

I was reminded of this as I looked through companies that might struggle in 2013.

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