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4 Reasons The GOP Would Be Foolish To Dump Social Issues

Stuart95 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 11:17 AM
Easy, Henry. Take a deep breath. It is the nature of this forum to frown on Big Government, and you'll find few advocates of foolishness such as crony capitalism here. It is the very issues you mention that have so many thinking people upset with the GOP, seeing it as just Dem-Socialism Lite. And many of us think social issues are not only extra-Constitutional, but allow Dem politicians, who lie and demagogue fluently, to dictate the debate in elections. We don't want to see that happen again. So rather than rant about what is obvious, let's hear some ideas and solutions.

Win, lose or draw, we're always supposedly hitting a tipping point where social issues just no longer work for the Republican Party. At first glance, this would appear to be a rather puzzling sentiment. After all, in 2010, despite the fact that the GOP was just as socially conservative as we were this year, the Republican Party had its best year in half a century. Furthermore, in 2008 and 2012, the GOP lost despite running moderate candidates who were soft on social issues and who barely brought them up at all. If anything, you'd think that seeing two non-social conservatives...