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Muslims can't 'compete' with 'Western Banking'! We 'print' the US $ (World Reserve Currency- 'mulligans') and buy 'stuff' while it's still worth something. Our 'special privilege' creates imbalance and conflict. We used to be 'as good as gold'. That's what'll bring 'economic harmony', not a license to print 'mulligans'. 'Western' or 'Muslim'; 'honest exchange' is what works!
That's the answer in the 'mulligan' system. The 'key to lasting peace' is 'golf'! (Not Obama's). Money is power and our Central Banking system has a money (mulligan) monopoly. Gov'ts control 'the game'. That game manifests itself in war. That's nae golf! In golf we all play by the same rules and we can't 'print' our own 'success'. When we have 'access' to the 'mulligans', those who don't lash out! The result is "Catastrophe"!!! http://www.constitution.org/gb/gb-plea.htm When 'mulligans' were officiall sanctioned the lone dissenting SCOTUS judge predicted "From the decision of the court I see only evil likely to follow" http://johnwilkenson.com/files/Juilliard%20dissent.pdfhttp://johnwilkenson.com/files/Juilliard%20dissent.pdf
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An Unconscionable Silence

Stuart72 Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 2:39 PM
The SCOTUS IS the problem!! They 'ducked' way back in 1884 when the 'gave' Congress a money-monopoly and said it was a 'political' question not a 'judicial' one when determoning if Congress requires the 'means' to acheive their 'ends'. "Catastrophe" is how George Bancroft characterized the decision. "..only evil is likely to follow" were the words of the lone dissenting judge, Stephen Fields. http://www.constitution.org/gb/gb-plea.htm http://johnwilkenson.com/files/Juilliard%20dissent.pdf
The debate on what governs the size of government. shouldn't be "..what programs are unneeded,(&) whether some beneficiaries are undeserving". "..$1 trillion floated down from Heaven and into the hands of the IRS" is determining the size of government!! Our 'money' ("Legal-tender") is a bottomless pit of funds!! The SCOTUS ducked! Justice Gray (Juilliard vs Greenman - 1884) said legislation determining "Necessary & Proper" was a 'political' question, not 'judicial" and Congress should have the 'means' ("legal-tender") to achieve their ends! - Game over!! Justice Fields in his "lone dissent" said "From the decision of the court I see only evil likely to follow" http://johnwilkenson.com/files/Juilliard%20dissent.pdf
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