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State-Run Broadcasting Pushes for Taxes

Stuart65 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 4:15 PM
Amazing how this tiny little FACT is overlooked by all who want to suggest Reaganomics was a failure, and the only reason it was not even more successful is the Dem's didn't up-hold their end of the deal - as usual!
A "serious" proposal is one that has a reasonable expectation of resolving a conflict. Anyone studying Speaker Boehner's Plan B proposal knows it wasn't serious. Why are so many defending it and bemoaning its defeat?

It tells you an awful lot about the dishonest nature of politics in America today.

Republicans -- fiscally conservative Republicans -- have argued since forever that tax increases diminish economic growth. For the past two years, they have argued that increasing taxes on the "wealthy" would wreak havoc on our fragile (at best) economy. In fact, three studies have confirmed that this "millionaires tax," now...