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Just another racist black guy and the beat goes on and on and on. Amazing how anyone except white can be racist and it’s totally accepted in America 2014!
The people of NY should be very proud they elected this person to the position of Mayor who has no respect whatsoever for the laws of this country. This is not only a violent “punch” to the face of all immigrants who entered this country legitimately and lawfully, but to all Americans its’ a direct hit to the head with a baseball bat. What is wrong with the people of this country? We stand by allowing illegal aliens to tread on our laws and then use the rules and laws that belong only to legal citizens of America against us. I especially ask that question of the people of New York. I hope all New Yorkers are happy with the government you have directing your city! This mayor is simply pathetic and this person needs to be deported!
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

Stuart65 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 11:02 AM
I agree with this! Ann is out of control here. Voter fraud is voter fraud regardless if it’s Democrat or Republican and this poor excuse is BS! Wake up Ann!
I must admit I am confused with the term “Liberals.” As far as I can tell from reading most of their arguments and concerns and desires and wishes, they are socialist and the word “liberals” represents nothing more than a mask. What is the problem people? You want everything controlled by government. You want the constitution destroyed. You want capitalism crushed. Labor unions are great. Why do you hide behind the label Liberals like you are hiding behind momma’s skirt and throwing rocks? Step out and be counted for what you actually believe in. This whole system is just fine as long as you are running it. As long as you are calling all the shots. As long as you are telling others what and how and when to do and to live. You’re not interested in equal rights. You want what’s equal for you and not the least bit interested in anyone else. Beautiful!
This whole article appears written by democrat’s and for RINO’s! What’s the problem here? I don’t see a problem with trying to defeat these RINO’s! The people of this country (T-Party or otherwise) are SICK of the SOS in DC (not to mention the goof ball in office now) and we are spending our hard earned money to run the RINO’s out who do not want change! If you don’t like it, change; and if you don’t want to change, SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF THE WAY! I agree with Kinsey; “Can you hear us NOW, RINO’S?”
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Cochran Speaks After Runoff Primary Win

Stuart65 Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 3:46 PM
This is pure nonsense! People (voters) from the Democratic Party out voting to keep this old fool in office because he is a RINO is shameful. What has this country come to that people (Supposed Americans?) would go vote for another party member solely to keep a young fresh conservative mind out of congress. What is wrong with you people? This man is 87 years old. It’s time for a young mind to help guide this country into the future, not some old “white” man who’s set in his ways and too Washingtonized to initiate the change that needed in our nation’s capital. Washington DC is a cesspool filled with corruption, dishonesty, and a lies run by a bunch of people not interested in the welfare of the people of the United States, and you fools cross party lines to reelect this old fool. It bad enough there’s that many retarded republicans who feel this old man is still useful, but to cross party lines to rig an election is shameful!
WJF’s comment is spot on! This is a serious problem! These people consider themselves above the law, and yet, if the laws supported their point, they would shout at the top of their voice. I find it terrifying that we have (as we write) nameless, faceless bureaucrats who feel because the President of the United States and the Attorney General (as shameful as that is) do not obey the laws of this country they too do not need to obey our laws. How many nameless un-elected bureaucrats are chairing influential positions throughout our government breaking the laws of this country daily that we do not even know about? Every one of the now numerous scandals created by, and the result of this administrations fraudulent leadership, are being watched and emulated by untold thousands of government employees who feel a sense of entitlement and arrogance that they do not work for us that it’s quite the contrary.
The lies just keep on coming!
I find it a very sad day in America when we have public servants stealing from us, lying to us, and covering up the whole mess. This person absolutely belongs in jail along with a number of other very highly ranking public servants. The whole government needs a wash down. What kind of Americans are actually working there? These people who call themselves Americans who with the very same breath do things and act in ways that are totally un-American and then lie and steal and cheat with a clear conscience. It’s a sad day in America as we fall into a second-class nation because of the actions of the few. These people actual wake up every day and stand naked in front of that mirror beginning the day with the intent to lie to everyone and anyone in order to benefit themselves! They are not working for or even caring about the people of this country… And they stand there and point their finger at capitalist and big business or anyone else as they steal from the people of this country! It’s a sad day in America! We see more and more of these people under the democrats, but the republicans are just as guilty. It’s time for term limits for anyone working in a government office!
Where are the race baiters? That is a great question. This video represents a perfect example of Black racism. Where is the NAACP? Where is MSNBC? Do you see busloads of “White” people unloaded in the neighborhood to rally in protest? This makes me sick, but the real problem is the Black community is not offended saying this is how it feels. Where’s the National cries for hate crime. Where is the leaders of the Black community crying for justice? Hypocritical!
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