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Why Bill Clinton Is All Wet

Stuart46 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 5:32 PM
Horse hockey the Congress was dim controlled. Bahney Fwank was the homo lover of the head of Freddie. Reno was a libturd dike. The Republicans tried 14 times to have Freddies Fanny investigated over the subprime loans made to minorities. When the mortgages began to go into default the banks holding those mortgages started to fail. My mortgage 26 years ago was through Freddie and now held by PNC Bank.

The Clinton line, an elaboration of Obama excuse No. 37 for the dismal economy (after the Arab Spring, ATMs, the euro crisis and tomato blight in Mrs. Obama's White House garden), goes like this: The economy was so damaged by George W. Bush-era policies that "no president" could have been expected to do better than the record-high poverty, staggering unemployment, shrinking workforce participation, anemic growth and gargantuan debt over which Barack Obama has presided.

We're asked to believe that the Obama administration knew all along that things would take longer than four years to improve. "I never said this journey...