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Bloomberg's Great Moment in History's Failures

Stuart46 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 6:02 PM
Numbnuts,the US can't go to war without a majority yes vote by the complete Congress as per the Constitution. Considering Piglosi,Hairy Reid and then Senator Billary Sinton voted yes along with most of the Dim Congress voted yes you have to put the blame on all libturds. Don't try to deny history. And by the way the Republican toadies are the ones who want the UN out of our country.

Anderson659 wrote: Obama is not an idiot, far from it, he has a vision for America that is defined by radical left progressive social marxism, trickle down economics from the government. The Democrat party us now a party of secular humanist radicals. -Idiots Offer Hope, Change, Blame, Revenge- and Self Government

Dear Brother Anderson,

The Democrat Party has been a bunch of secular humanists for quite some time. This isn’t Harry Truman’s Democrat Party, although I’ll admit that Truman’s economic policies were really bad.

I disagree with your evaluation of Obama however.

First of all, he’s dedicated his whole...