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Wow: White Republican Candidate Leads Voters to Believe He's Black, Wins

strongbow2 Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 9:39 AM
There is a strong argument here for a voting system based on issues and not personalities (or race). Imagine a ballot that contained a series of questions about the voter's position on say a couple of dozen community or national issues instead of candidates' names. First the voter would have to be literate and know something about the issues. That would eliminate many of these folk from influencing the election results by stupidly block voting and prevent politicians from running personality campaigns (HIllary, for one). The candidate who most closely aligned with the majority positions would be elected and that person would have an unambiguous mandate from the electorate during his term. The caveat here is that the questions would have to be neutrally worded, and I wouldn't count on that happening.