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The poor are poor, generally speaking, because of a history of bad decision making. In North Georgia it's not unusual to see an expensive TV Dish and trampoline in a yard with a beat up trailer for a house. The lower class has different priorities. No amount of money thrown at this class of people, black, white, whatever - is going to change their mentality, so why not spend the money on decent museums that teach us about our culture and ourselves? I have no problem with Detroit selling off the art from their museums since the 47% illiterates never step foot inside museums and they won't miss what they've never appreciated in the first place.
If there is any form of amnesty for these economic opportunists who swarmed up here from south of the border, then fine, allow them permanent visa status, but they and their progeny will NEVER be citizens of the US or allowed any rights of citizenship. If they return to their country and come here as everyone else does, by the legal route, then they can have the right to apply to be citizens. Shoving to the head of the line seems to be a trait with these people, whether it's at a movie theater or a filling station, or the local DMV.
Does anyone actually this Carney-ville barker knows what he's talking about. Does he know how to program? Do any of his associates know anything about programming? From what knowledgeable people are saying the website has structural and security defects that might take years to correct, if at all. Fixing poorly designed and written code is much harder than scrapping this mess and bringing in competent programmers to rewrite the entire thing, but this point is moot because within the next two election cycles this mess is going to be decisively repealed.
This executive order will likely be reversed as soon as this guy leaves office and is replaced by a conservative. Some of the people posting here seem not to be very familiar with CMP. The weapons are not rusting war relics but properly gauged and suitable for recreational and competitive Service Rifle match shooting. Many are refurbished to National Match standards. The fact that they were manufactured by the millions does not in any way affect their quality as they were rigorously inspected.
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Sunnyvale Gun Control Law Put to Vote

strongbow2 Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 9:50 AM
We had our corporate office in Sunnyvale. Those of us who worked outside the corporate office used to mock the place as "Funnyvale." These denizens were so fringe that my wife was literally screamed at once because she had the temerity to pick a wild flower from the grounds of a vacant lot (slated for bulldozers and building construction.)
There is a strong argument here for a voting system based on issues and not personalities (or race). Imagine a ballot that contained a series of questions about the voter's position on say a couple of dozen community or national issues instead of candidates' names. First the voter would have to be literate and know something about the issues. That would eliminate many of these folk from influencing the election results by stupidly block voting and prevent politicians from running personality campaigns (HIllary, for one). The candidate who most closely aligned with the majority positions would be elected and that person would have an unambiguous mandate from the electorate during his term. The caveat here is that the questions would have to be neutrally worded, and I wouldn't count on that happening.
John Kerry used family position to stay safely out of combat as a "reporter." Max Cleland fumbled his own grenade and blew his legs off. As for the others, I'm not aware that anyone from the Republican party has discounted their service. Does military service shield one from a lively political debate? I think not.
I don't think that posting her conceal carry permit on Facebook shows much maturity or common sense.
Just what Georgia really needs, another Carter empty suit.
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