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Essentially, colleges and universities are government contractors since the student loans are guaranteed by the federal government. Therefore, students going to these schools are no longer able to get federal college loans if they go to religious schools unless those schools adhere to the new guidelines mandated by Obama. Not Constitutional, but that is currently beside the point.
Democrats need to wake up to the damage Obama is doing to the Presidency and confront this situation. Republicans acting alone will not fix this. Elected officials need to follow the lead of people like Turley. Not sure they will.
You are encouraging young children to take risks that too dangerous in too many ways, diverting time, energy, and resources from children who are already in the USA and need help. Pragmatically, we cannot become the world's daycare center. Nor should we.
What's truly amazing is that she can't make this statement without being hypocritical. To say that the Catholics helping these kids are not allowed to share their beliefs she must share her own beliefs. Just love such self-contradictory statements.
We forgot Obama's best photo op. The one with him and Clint Eastwood at the Republican Convention. Obama never looked better.
Ah yes, the man who took a selfie showing how much he was enjoying himself at the Nelson Mandela funeral does not like photo ops. How fortunate we are to have such a thoughtful President. Hope he reads about this in the news so he can truly appreciate how thoughtful and caring he is.
So nice to see all the tolerance displayed by the NOW in this declaration.
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The Intellectual Poverty Law Center

Striker11 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 11:53 AM
Absolute power is incorruptible, otherwise, the power is not absolute. These sorts of people were already corrupted.
Not that it would matter to Ireland, et al, but it would be nice if these people so upset with the Hobby Lobby decision were asked what basic healthcare needs are being denied here. No women is being denied healthcare. Period. Yet these non-intellectuals keep uttering this canard. Corner them on this (if possible).
On an issue like this, how do you have a discussion? Ireland wonders about the business practices of a Christian Scientist, an issue that has NEVER presented itself and is actually answered within the Hobby Lobby decision. She keeps talking about women's health needs being denied because of this decision, yet cites no medical authorities to support her claims (she can't). Like so many on the left, she has no idea that Hobby Lobby supports contraceptive services and that Catholic organizations, which should not have to offer contraceptives for birth control because of Federal law, still allow for the use of contraceptives when they are actually needed for basic health needs (which does not include any of the forms of contraception not provided by Hobby Lobby). Facts don't matter to this person.
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