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Yep, Obama the Great. He can't sail a boat better than the captain of the Titanic. Not sure he could sell coats to Eskimos. So happy he's here.
No. Each kid running for prom king/queen received just over 90% of the vote. Separate event from pole taken in article.
We don't condone the killing of innocents by Hamas or Isis. The people killed in Gaza because Hamas chooses schools, hospitals, and mosques as places to launch missiles at Israel are the responsibility of Hamas not Israel. Your inability to understand this only supports the death of innocents, encouraging Hamas and Isis to continue.
How do you poll an abortion?
This person is an illogical creep. Probably the biggest problems faced here are his ignorance as to the significance of each individual, the capabilities of the person with Down's, and the actual reality of such people living with this condition. I would love for him to say this in front of the students at the high school where I teach. The prom king two years ago and the prom queen last year both have Down's. They each received over 90% of the vote. I don't think their friends and classmates would agree with him that these wonderful people would have been better off aborted. This jerk needs to meet real people before he has them eradicated for his convenience & the total sum happiness.
No. You cannot poll an abortion. That life ceased to exist and was unavailable for comment while alive. Of the 10% who were not aborted, 99% polled are happy with their lives. The problem with statistics is so many people, like you, don't know how to analyze them.
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Western Anti-Semitism

Striker11 Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 1:20 AM
For those who think Israel is the problem, I would advise they read a letter written by a young Israeli soldier, Netanel Amitai. He eloquently lays out why Israel does what it must do, why Hamas is wrong, who truly cares about human life. Unfortunately, such reason and logic is beside the point to those who believe Israel is the problem. Sad.
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A Tale Of Two Gazas

Striker11 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 8:59 AM
Not a surprise, sad to say. Love that humanitarian group Hamas.
Hey, if Joe Biden can plagiarize, why can't this guy?
Essentially, colleges and universities are government contractors since the student loans are guaranteed by the federal government. Therefore, students going to these schools are no longer able to get federal college loans if they go to religious schools unless those schools adhere to the new guidelines mandated by Obama. Not Constitutional, but that is currently beside the point.
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