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Well ya know if you seek music to make a point. Behold "The Man who shot Liberty Valance." That tune is a parable unto itself.
The COLD WAR is over...Yer side lost. But a new cold war is underway...and you are part of it....you may get Rumaniaized...
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Ignoring American History

strebor Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 6:57 AM
Perhaps the rabble is ignorant...but the left elite is not. They view the Constitution as an obstacle, to their agenda, because that was it's intended purpose.... Much like the Warmists, they are not idiots. They know CO2 AGW is BS.... It is not ignorance it is malfeasance.
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Whistle While You're Raped

strebor Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 6:44 AM
Salazar is the anti-gun cliques biggest adversary....his mouth is the gift that keeps giving. It is logicaly best that the Police are minutes away and arrive after the fact.....LCC only pop the wrong guy 2% of the time...while Police fire hit the wrong guy 9-10% of the time. In short they are a menace. Those 2 gals in LA delivering newspapers with a pickup....that is not a unique event.... If these anti-gun zealots seek to save lives, they should allow LCC and disarm the Police.... If it saves just one life.... No that is not sarcasm....it's reality.
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Doctored Videotapes are Peanuts

strebor Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 4:02 PM
This is not exactly new...this "doctoring of tapes. A carefully editing 16 second clip set off the Rodney King Riots...that is a given...a historical fact.
When them folk see crows flying north they howl climate change......south they howl climate change... Reality...it's just a sign of crows......
Yeah well, here up in the Great White North, Canada, we had our media and equivalent of yer DemoncRATs, deliberately spin a muslim terrorist, mysoginist attack, (Ecole de Politechnique, Montreal) into a gun control/gender issue. The result was universal reggistration and attempted confiscation. Meanwhile, the "registry" was vulnerable to online downloading, giving criminals a detailed shopping list of gun owners/collectors. While Canadians project an image of compliance/law abiding a critical mass of citizens never registered..... An Act of Parliament, ended the registry, but it took months to get the bureaucrats to comply...they refused to give up their wet dream. It was never about crime or safety....never is.
Yeah but "gun control" is successful in the UK and OZ..... It's not about safety, crime or children......it's about control. BTW...Piers Morgan was a UK news editor that got fired for knowingly publishing phony pics depicting Brit soldiers torturing Iraquis.....
Get a grip. This not about crime or safety or children....it is about "gun control". Gun control = disarmed civilians. When these quislings refer to how successful "gun control" is in UK, Oz or Canada.....they mean the success of "guncontrol" which has nothing to do with crime, safety, or children. Therefore gun control in Switzerland is unsuccessful. t'aint right, tain't wrong, just is
Actually google Agenda 21 and all is revealed.....
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