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White House Press Blast Obama's Gay Marrage Position: "Why Not Just Come Out & Say It"

Strategos Wrote: May 08, 2012 7:17 AM
Hey, like many Americans -- I don't think Obama fully supports gay marriage. Myself, I'm comfortable with gay couples receiving SOME PERCENTAGE of bereavement & spousal benefits -- based on their partnership. If one dies, the other one's sad. Fair enough. But the full 100% is for child-bearing, and that's not applicable. Politically, it's not wise for him to take some 'pot-shot' position. All people want to do, is find a reason to chuck rocks. But there has to be a sensible middle ground. This is Romney's kind of approach, too.

I've never seen the White House Press Corps so exasperated with Obama during their daily briefing. Poor Jay Carney took the hits and stuck to his guns although I'm sure he wished he could have just broke the news that his boss had fully "evolved" into a pro-gay marriage supporter. The press tells Carney here to "stop dancing" and "you can't have it both ways." Indeed, but having it both ways has worked so far for President Obama.