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President of the U.S.A. should be allowed to have his dignity -- not have to take some b*s position, just because someone wants to create some controversy. Jobs & the economy are the important problems -- really, this is a "rent-an-issue". Both for Republicans and gays. Who probably, shouldn't be keeping company together. http://stratpark.com/us/spending-cuts-not-the-solution/
Hey, like many Americans -- I don't think Obama fully supports gay marriage. Myself, I'm comfortable with gay couples receiving SOME PERCENTAGE of bereavement & spousal benefits -- based on their partnership. If one dies, the other one's sad. Fair enough. But the full 100% is for child-bearing, and that's not applicable. Politically, it's not wise for him to take some 'pot-shot' position. All people want to do, is find a reason to chuck rocks. But there has to be a sensible middle ground. This is Romney's kind of approach, too.
Last I heard, it had halted the free-fall of the Dow and S&P -- stabilized financial institutions -- and put some kind of bottom under the housing market. Since the 'leveraged' loss of capital from money supply approached $4 trillion, that stimulus itself wasn't enough to fully plug the hole. Lending is still difficult to get, for small business & residential. If the stimulus had been excessive, we'd see inflation & low unemployment. We don't. http://stratpark.com/us/the-fatal-distraction/
Kerry was a brave man, who fought for his country & put his life on the line. He has been the target of a vindictive & baseless campaign, which never would have been at issue -- if he had happened to be a Republican candidate. Politics this way, is not the great tradition of the United States and it's democratic institutions -- it's a wormy & corrupt form, arisen since the 80's and bred by slush funds & corporate lobbying money. It stinks.
That's true. America's deficits date from 1981 -- caused by policies of unfunded tax cuts & increased spending, dating to the Reagan administration. And continued all the way thru :-( That's why our economy crashed -- that, and deregulation of the finance industry. http://stratpark.com
Justice is a strength, not a weakness. Trial is a long drawn-out ordeal -- don't worry, it will puncture their pretty bubble & show them for the inhuman fiends they are.
I dunno. Try 'em, hang 'em -- and do it with a burqa on! That will confound the mullahs. Seriously.. I don't care if the defence lawyer wears it. No-one else in court has any obligation to. And showing a few touches of respect & justice, before you hang the criminals up, lets people know not to mess with ya.
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The Moral Infrastructure

Strategos Wrote: May 08, 2012 6:47 AM
What happened to free speech & the right to protest, in a democracy? If we weren't challenged & threatened by their message, we wouldn't be concerned. Dictators & authoritarian murders like Russia's Putin & (the ex) Colonel Gadaffi disagree with protest. The US has been supporting freedom, via foreign policy, for 70+ years -- under the greatest of administrations -- and I think we should consider, very carefully, before we align ourselves with totalitarian regimes on this one.
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