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Comedian Jon Lovitz: Obama Lying About the Rich

Strategos Wrote: May 08, 2012 7:06 AM
Kerry was a brave man, who fought for his country & put his life on the line. He has been the target of a vindictive & baseless campaign, which never would have been at issue -- if he had happened to be a Republican candidate. Politics this way, is not the great tradition of the United States and it's democratic institutions -- it's a wormy & corrupt form, arisen since the 80's and bred by slush funds & corporate lobbying money. It stinks.

Comedian Jon Lovitz was an Obama supporter, until the man started dividing the country and lying about the "rich." This clip of Lovitz is a great example of why America is great. His friends were broke before they were wealthy, Lovitz understands hard work pays off and that in America, anybody can "go from being broke, to being wealthy."

"The friends that I have, that are way beyond me, billionaires, came from nothing. Nothing! And almost everybody you ask you say, 'how did you succeed,' and they say, 'I didn't have anything and I had to work really...