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Karl Rove Vs. the 'Far Right'

Stratboy Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 9:47 PM
Karl Rove is a conservative, IF you define "conservative" as "preserving the status quo." It is a strange irony that true conservatives are the new radicals,m cultural insurgents challenging the leftists slant of the prevailing culture. Conservatives must cut tires with Rove and his type, Republicans who only care about winning and not about that they might do when they win. Theirs is a constant contest of political calculation and getting and keeping power. But if they govern not a whit differently than liberals, what have they won? We must be honest and ask ourselves: in 8 years of Bush, did the government grow, or shrink? Did the debt increase, or decrease? Did government overreach expand, or contract?
If I were launching a new conservative venture, the last venue I'd choose for the announcement would be the New York Times. Karl Rove has gone to the Times to announce that he has created a new "conservative" entity "to recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts."

Rove argues that Republican fortunes have been ruined by "far-right conservatives," but he's shamelessly calling this entity the "Conservative Victory Project." Yes, and I could call myself Ray Lewis, but it doesn't make it so.

Whaddaya know? The liberal Democrats at the Times love this idea....