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Obama's "Lazy": A Stunned MSNBC Host Gives Romney Surrogate Opportunity To "Take It Back"

StPHarper Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 11:20 PM
You must get up to speed, good citizen! It is now regarded as inappropriate (or, possibly criminally insensitive) to use the following words to describe any human that is not a caucasian male: Lazy Pushy Ignorant Obnoxious Liar Greedily ambitious Corrupt Nepotistic Arrogant There are, to be sure, many more. These are just the current "hot crop" that needs to be heeded. Don't forget, good citizen, many inappropriate utterances from the past can do you (and your fellow citizens!) probable harm. Before you think "freely," try to think adherently. We will all benefit, in the long run, if you can do just that one little thing...

The tension is so thick during this segment with Romney surrogate, John Sununu and MSNBC host, Andrea Mitchell. She seems like a lovely lady. Alan Greenspan should consider himself the luckiest guy on earth.

Be sure to stick around for the "look" by Mitchell at the end.