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Good can exist without evil. The opposite is not true, because the definition of evil is a perversion of that which is good.
Have a nice life, Bub. You are not fooling anybody.
My reflex response to the headline was, "Why does TH think that these two are of any real interest to most of its readership?" Then I realized that it is another AP story being passed along, and I remember that it is important to be aware of what the left is trying to do. To them, portraying these two as "Obama's sharpest critics" is laughable to most conservatives, but that is the story they want to sell these days. It is good to be aware of the tactics, but not necessary to respond anywhere else besides the voting booths of Arizona and South Carolina.
(from the course description) "...the history and trends in diverse public policy topics with a view towards recommendations for America's leadership role in the emerging global economy." His post grad degrees were in public administration (MPA, not MBA) at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, where he also got a PhD. Definitely a public sector kind of guy. Who knows? Maybe the parents of those students are due for a tax audit?
Where is the ACLU? It is obvious that the hate speech directed at him was motivated by racist heterophobia.
Did you miss the part that stated that he decide NOT to take the money? I think envy just might be a cause of selective blindness...
Kinda funny coincidence, eh?
I expect it is with gritted teeth, because she knows that the pot-shot jackals will find a whole weeks worth of fodder writing about her "disloyalty" if she does not. I know, I know, at this point, why should she care? I just don't think it is something that she needs to highlight. In politics--even if you are not a current office holder (just ask Hillary) the parasites never sleep. Of course, in Hill's case, the work to be done is lagging greatly.
Uh-huh. Sure.
I did notice that becker did not offer any research (i.e. citations) of its OWN, while commanding that others do research. So, beck, you got something specific, or you just gonna tell us that our concerns about faceless, soulless bureaucracies have nothing to do with years of history. Go read a few books about it and then come back and tell us, specifically (if you are capable) why this is going to be different.
Looks like you are like many haters on the left...spiritually dead and just desperately hoping the body won't follow suit too soon. Nothing kills more steadily than hate. I totally disagree with your political reasoning, but there are (with a few exceptions, of course--like any grouping of people you can think of) not many here who would take things to the point of wishing death to someone because of their beliefs and expressed concern. You should get some help with that before it does you more harm.
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