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Just like the recs from the Simpson-Bowles. Does anyone ever notice a trend here in the media? Guess not.
They were likely Democrats before they went in.
She's talking about them voting while still in prison.
Harry, your sell by date has expired. Time to take you off the shelf.
Desperadoes, all.
Democrats always fabricate a Republican's record to score cheap political points. What else is new? They do it because they are allowed to get away with iit with a dishonest media. Brown has to overcome it and fight back, with vigor. Even pay a little dirty. As our president says, bring a gun to a knife fight,and if they bring a gun, you bring a howitzer.
As regards item #2, Obama s counting upon the lapdog media to run a screen for him against criticism. They will talk about how it is fair and the right thing to do. They will take skewed polls that show that Americans favor Obama's action. It is like everything else that Obama has done the past four years. If we had an honest and impartial media, he wouldn't have a dog's chance in November.
If only 34 Republicans opposed the treaty, then there were several Republicans voting in favor. I wonder who they were?
Do you trust the Dems to really do the right thing by the middle class? This is a political party that refuses to producea budgetso that we can see where our tax money s being spent. They ave lied so any times, I can not trust their word. Maybe they should put their big boy and big girl pants on, DWS.
If he declares an emergency and suspends elections, he'll never be held accountable by voters again either.
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