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So many forget that it was a white male Republican, Abe Lincoln, who freed the slaves. Grant was instrumental in that fight. Republicans have been consistent from then until now - blacks should be free and equal in the eyes of the law, and no need for social programs remains be a part of that, as Lincoln-era Republicans and modern-era Republicans both agree. We have not changed in our reasonable support of racial equality.
Well since Grant beat the Democrat-cheered slavers of the southern states, who later went on to create the KKK, and played a huge role in ending the slavery of said states, he is a national hero. Remember, the Democrats lost the Civil War.
I don't know how it would be "easy" unless you went by the quota system, which is in itself racist/sexist.
Agreed. Freedom and Liberty allow for truth, and truth will always win out. But the far-left cannot abide with no groups and one homogenous people - how can they "divide and conquer" with that sort of set up?
Wait as sec - reading your other comments, would you be agreeing with me that "only the majority can be racist" definition is BS? If so then I apologize, but your reply opened to the negative so it took me off in another direction.
BS - you just don't like being called out that is is YOU who is in fact, RACIST. Deal with it, it's the truth.
Affirmative Action "preferencing" is racist, and that's the only fair-minded conclusion there can be. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was almost 50 years ago, and anyone who was in a position of "authority" before that (meaning those who could hire/fire in legally racist ways) has long since left the work force. Further, unless you can show us someone alive today that ever dispalced an Indian or owned a slave, and in those cases then let THEM stand aside to pay for their crimes. Innocent white people of today had no part in it - so discriminating against them is brand new racism that will have to be dealt with down the road as well. Let it go.
no Nam65 is dead on correct
I can respect that attitude but as a white person, I don't see the relevance of what far-past history has to do with anything, whether one person of color exploits it or not. Europeans started coming to North America in the late 15th century, and the United States (and its specific history) did begin until the late 18th century. Back then territory anywhere in the world was ruled by conquest and, no offense to the Indians, but they didn't do themselves any favors by remaining a "low hanging fruit" group of disparate tribes with no technology. And the Anasazi's would probably disagree with the "peaceful natives" ploy. But wait, they can't, their "fellow peaceful Indians" exterminated them in the 1200's.
Heck, I don't care so much about the grades - let's see Obama's thesis and what not - let's hear the far-left tripe Barry used to razzle-dazzle the Ivory Tower libtards.
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