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Republicans Move to Toss Out Michelle Obama’s Skimpy School Lunch Menu

Stormi123 Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 10:53 PM
Looking like a fat pig? "Why, yes," she said with a sneer only slightly smaller than Obama's, "we must surely demand that the government provide our school children with movie-star bodies." How shallow is that? The diabetes is a legitimate concern, but if it is caused by school lunches, then perhaps men ought to be paid a family wage so that the moms can quit their jobs and homeschool. That will also solve the bullying, the peer pressure, and most of the transportaion problems.

Congressional Republicans are taking action against Michelle Obama’s school lunch menu, which was implemented by the USDA in August.

The modifications to the standards have left students hungry and dissatisfied with their lunch options, according to reports conducted throughout the nation. has reported about students protesting, a cafeteria employee saying she and her colleagues are barred from serving seconds and forced to throw away extra food, and the National Education Association stating schools should use tactics to “creatively engage and educate students” on the new requirements.