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Looking like a fat pig? "Why, yes," she said with a sneer only slightly smaller than Obama's, "we must surely demand that the government provide our school children with movie-star bodies." How shallow is that? The diabetes is a legitimate concern, but if it is caused by school lunches, then perhaps men ought to be paid a family wage so that the moms can quit their jobs and homeschool. That will also solve the bullying, the peer pressure, and most of the transportaion problems.
Yes, according to rules of basic English grammar, Obama is taking full responsibility for investigating exactly what happened. Now, everyone who knows what *is* is knows too. The only silver lining is that the story came out now instead of 12 days from now.
Big Bird was banned in our home because Sesame Street preached too hard that getting along was more important than getting it right.
I know quite a few moms of elementary and middle school kids who think Michelle Obama's fight against childhood obesity is wonderful! In their eyes, she has promised them one less thing to have to worry about. I think the whole thing will backfire and kids will get fatter than ever. The lunches are smaller, but the amounts being thrown away are as large as ever. That can only mean kids are hungrier at the end of the school day. I predict that after school snacking will rise dramatically. I think I should probably invest in microwave pizza bites.
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Barack Obama, Bully

Stormi123 Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 8:13 PM
Barack Obama is nothing like the bullies I grew up with. They were not oily or unctuous. They weren't two-faced. They never wanted to dismantle the foundations of marriage and they never thought of babies as punishment for mistakes. Those bullies were just mean because they got high on a self-serving power trip. I do not think Mr. Obama is serving himself. His motives lie elsewhere.
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PC Police: Everyday Phrases Offensive

Stormi123 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 1:08 PM
I will go along with the original meaning of *rule of thumb* if you will lay down your hypocrisy and agree that the original meaning of *endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights* should not change either. Oh, and by the way, "the expression *rule of thumb* has been recorded since 1692 and probably wasn’t new then. It meant then what it means now — some method or procedure that comes from practice or experience, without any formal basis." The State Department really should not be using Sharon Fenick's 1996 newsgroup posting on urban myths as their source; mine at World Wide Words is far more reliable.
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