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Obama: I Will Use Every Power of My Office to Push Gun Control

Storm13 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 4:48 PM
Keep pushing Mr. President. I have just come from my local Academy Sports store. AR-15's are jumping off the shelves there. I was speaking to the manager while filling out the proper paperwork to purchase my AR. He told me that from the time the store opened until noon (local), they sold 48 AR-15's and that 223 ammo and 30 rd mags sold out in 2 hrs. He also made the comment that Pres Obama is the best gun salesman in the United States. As I figure it, the manager is right. If Pres Obama and the other Democrat bigmouth lawmakers wouldn't have run there bigmouths and grandstanded about enacting more gun controls, I wouldn't have bought purchased my AR and its accessories.

President Obama just wrapped up his press conference with Vice President Joe Biden announcing a new gun control task force. Obama said although "no law will prevent every senseless act," the country cannot sit back and do nothing in the wake of the tragedy in Sandy Hook last week. The President said he will be taking gun control proposals collected by Biden until January. In the new Congress, he vowed to use all the powers of his office to put chosen proposals into place. Obama said he needed the help of Congress on this issue, but rumors in Washington point...