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Majority of Voters Favor Full Combat Roles For Women

Storm13 Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 2:17 PM
It is already being done iprazhm, actually it has been common practice for years. Take the US Navy for example. The Navy's physical Readiness Test (PRT) (which consists of running 1.5 mile, situps and pushups) for men 20-24 years old have different standards for women of the same age. Thats just one example. Use the links below to investigate yourselves.
Yolanda515 Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 2:59 PM
I strongly agree with you. As a woman, I see all standards being lower to accommodate certain people, be it minorities, short people, women, overweight people and others who cannot pass certain written test. We have lowered our standards instead of increasing the classes so that the people could pass test appropriately. It is scary to think of a woman carrying me five floors down or up without putting both our lives in jeopardy. There are those women who truly can, and they should be allowed to serve. Lowering our standards only puts the lives of others in jeopardy.

Last week as a last hoorah, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women serving combat even though women have been serving in combat for quite some time. Now, a new Rasmussen Report shows 59 percent of voters favor women serving in full combat positions.

Most voters think women in the military should be able to fight in combat just like men do. But they still believe overwhelmingly that women need to pass the same physical tests as men if they’re in special forces like the Green Berets and Navy SEALs.