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Great...they're multiplying. Oh, joy.
Nice try abortion barbie. You still have no chance.
Cummings has always been a bold faced liar and a scumbag. Just another race baiter on the the democrat plantation.
Another dou-che* bag democrat. Nothing to see here folks, move along...
It will be a joyous day for America when Harry Reid dies. Plain and simple.
Nothing like good ole' fashioned democratic hypocrisy...
Chris Matthews is the first coming of stupid.
I'm willing to bet if this family were muslim or black or hispanic the government (DOJ) wouldn't have bothered to challenge the original ruling, never the less initiate deportation procedures. Our government is pathetic
Today's white man has nothing to apologize for grossman. Nothing. Not for slavery, not for anything. It is high time white guilt be disposed of and the sins committed by people almost 150 years ago be let go.
I'm so tired of this fool. He needs to be taken to task and the media needs to stop allowing him to get away with his "joe being joe" bull****.
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