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And BHO surrounds himself with people like this.
The economy is failing and only pumped up by printed dollars.Muslims are running amuck in the Middle East.Our Southern border is in chaos,BHO has a out of control pen and phone and she comes out for for gay marriage.
Soon all US citizens will have to be implanted with a computer chip and tattooed with a bar-code on their neck for the sake of "National Security".
I can hardly wait to hear BHO explain how this invasion is good for the USA.
Obama wants to poison the well here and then go retire in Hawaii where he will be insulated from the chaos but still protected by the USA.The only reason to poison your own well is because you hate your heritage or you are just an impostor.
Many Liberals applaud BHO's dishonest type of politics because it accomplishes their objectives.BHO will soon become the Lance Armstrong of domestic and international politics and leave behind a trail that lead to nowhere at best.
Maybe they have different standards for turncoats.
With all the restrictions that true muslims have,I am surprised that any devout muslim would shake BHO's hand.
President Armageddon
Chelsea should form a foundation called "The Center of the Universe for Euro-centric Collectivist Indoctrination and Thoughts".
Good point
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