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Marco Rubio -- you'd take him for his charisma? Mr. Watch-Me-Sip-Water? Rubio hasn't demonstrated charisma. He's young and good looking, but charisma is the ability to woo people through force of personality and charm. He doesn't have it. Ted Cruz -- you say he has absolutely no chance. What's your evidence? Is this proof by assertion?
Next up... Chris Christie's aggression is a plus? It's a wash, buddy. Sometimes it's beneficial and he comes off as speaking truth to power. Other times he comes off as a blowhard. Romney's executive acumen? He did a poor job of managing his campaign, and has far less executive experience as a governor than Huckabee (may I also remind you that as an executive he produced Romneycare). Scott Walker has never been a perpetual underdog. Repeatedly under fire, yes. But polls have never shown him down immensely only to pull off some massive upset in any of his 3 elections. They've all been tight elections. He may be a survivor, but he hasn't been an underdog. Rand Paul for outreach? The guy alienates conservatives by initially siding with the Ferguson rioters, ticks off those who believe in a strong national defense or virtue in public policy. And as far as his outreach, do you really think the guy who declared his wish to overturn the Civil Rights Act is the right guy for race relations? Huckabee, one of the guys you dismissed, won half of the black vote when he won election in Arkansas! Rand Paul's showing with blacks in KY? 13%.
Mr. Schlichter, you're nuts, and wrong about pretty much every candidate you've talked about. Let's take it from the top. Carson - he has a powerful message? What is it? And he's hardly a gaffe machine. Disagree if you like, but those are positions you've linked to, not gaffes. Huckabee - he fits the best stereotypes: outgoing, folksy, moral, and charming. What's wrong with you? You don't like being hefty, but you ironically don't throw that criticism at Christie. Santorum - hasn't lost enough? Dude, he's lost twice. Once in 2006, when just about every Republican lost, and in 2012, when he came very close to winning the GOP nomination on a shoestring budget. That's nothing to sneeze at. Lose consistently? What are you smoking? Done nothing to convince people? What do you call someone who went from zero support to 2nd place in the primaries? You accuse the candidates of being delusional. You're the delusional one.
I'm with you, Huckabee. If you have to run third party, do so. I'll vote for you.
"And let’s pick nominees who can string a sentence together and don’t feel compelled to opine on stuff they don’t understand, like – to take a totally wacky example that could never, ever happen – female biology." Can't let go of the Akin thing, can you? He said one dumb thing, and apologized for it, yet you establishment types continue to obsess over it. Get over yourselves.
'Only liberalism could've taken the most beautiful, most hard-working, most entrepreneurial state" California has *never* been any of those things.
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"I’d Drive His Bus if He Asked Me"

Stoic Patriot Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 12:17 PM
"His personal character, experience, demonstrated leadership track record and understanding of the international landscape fill me with confidence." Serial panderers and liars demonstrate a poor track record.
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Losing a Sense of Community

Stoic Patriot Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 6:58 PM
""The thug got what he deserved," wrote more than one person. It is not the sign of a healthy society to be gleeful that an 18-year-old American citizen is now dead." Au contraire. It's the sign of a perfectly healthy society when it celebrates the demise of its thugs. The sign of an unhealthy society is that it has thugs to begin with.
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The Sexual Humor in Not Having Sex

Stoic Patriot Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 8:28 AM
"Clearly, Star Wars overcomes differences of sexual practice." LEIA: "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookie!" HAN: "I can arrange that!"
"Who do you think could possibly be nominated who could also WIN the election for Republicans?" Mike Huckabee.
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