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President? What President? All I see is a beer-drinking, pool-playing golfer planning where we're paying for his next vacation while his pal Eric keeps the law at bay and Valerie orchestrates the next fundamentally transformative wave of regulation everyone outside of D.C. will have to swallow.
Someone gives Obama and Cheney $25,000 each. Cheney takes the $25,000 plus $25,000 of his own money (runs a temporary deficit) and buys a new car. Obama uses the money to make 5 down payments on 5 new $50,000 cars, by taking out 5 new loans. After all, he argues, Cheney agrees deficits don't matter. Guess who goes bankrupt first?
Running a deficit doesn't matter much when it's temporary, you have the credit line available at a low interest rate and it's a small percentage of your overall income. When the Democrat National Machine has us running perpetual deficits, robbing Peter to pay Paul because we max-out credit lines (quantitative easing) while interest rates rise to the point that interest alone engulfs income to the point we can't make the interest payments, much less pay off principle, it's called bankruptcy.
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Holding Greenpeace Accountable

Stocky Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 8:43 PM
I've been to Africa five times in the past year and you are spot-on, I've see it for myself. It's almost like these Eco-terrorists prey on the third world because it's easier to get their anti-human agenda through than it is in developed countries with a better educated population. I've seen people forced to cook food over open dung fires because of the lack of power and even firewood. I recently met a young man in Zimbabwe that just lost his pregnant wife to malaria. Happens all the time over there. Banning DDT is literally a form of defacto genocide. Thank you for publishing this.
File this with: - Global cooling - Hole in the ozone layer from hair spray - lions and elephant nearing extinction from over hunting - DDT thinning the shells of birds' eggs (proven false, but DDT still banned while millions die from malaria) - that carcinogenic gas emanating from your plastic water bottle
Ransom, you misunderstand. In the Age of Obama you get the prize for just showing up (if you keep your mouth shut.)
What did we expect when the campaign for American Chief Executive becomes more of a popularity contest than a vetting of the candidates' job qualifications? Candidate Obama had no experience running anything of any consequence. Unlike the successful leader that surrounds himself with success, I'm pretty sure he appoints those he is confident will take the heat without tarnishing his halo. He selects department heads based upon politics, not prowess. Liberal ideology and cronyism come before actual ability in his world. When Woodward titled his biography 'Amateur' he nailed it.
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Yes It’s Real: GlobalChange.Gov

Stocky Wrote: May 08, 2014 7:55 AM
Never trust a study that's funded by proving the hypothesis.
We already had health insurance, you moron. You are getting us canceled and making us pay more for less.
We knew this a long time ago when they came for our guns — the world isn’t enough for an ideological leftist. When they banned some guns they began requiring permits. When you registered your pistols for a permit they want to register all guns. As soon as they achieve registration they’ll begin to use the information for other purposes, like raising insurance premiums. Then the confiscation will begin. After the confiscation is enacted they'll come for your knives. When they achieved non-smoking sections they went for the entire restaurant. When they got the restaurants they went for businesses. When they got the businesses they went for the streets. When they get the streets they’ll go for your homes. When they enacted a 2% income tax they added a progressive rate. When they achieved a progressive tax rate they raised it to 90% within a decade. When they wanted to be elected they began exempting their donors' businesses. When they got industry and auto emission standards they kept raising the bar. When factories weren’t enough they came for the power plants. When they got all that they pivoted to electric cars. When they get that they’ll make the electric so expensive you can’t charge the batteries. When they got Medicaid for the poor they came for your policy. When they got your policy they raised the premiums to pay for others. After all this was in place they began issuing waivers for their friends. Now they will keep raising your costs to change your lifestyle. When some won't comply they'll cancel their policies. When they achieved racial equality they began favoring minorities. When you sat still for this they began discriminating against others. Now they are sending people to jail for not baking cakes. Soon conservatives and other dissenters of any color will be the New Age minority. Get it yet? Call it the camel’s nose or the Overton Window. The left will NEVER be satisfied. When they achieve critical mass these will look like the good old days.
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