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Stop the Gay Marriage Bullying

StillStandingHisGround Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 2:10 PM
anderson659: If a bill to make illegal high-capacity magazines for firearms that is embedded in a bill with bi-partisan support on OTHER things becomes law because it passes a Republican-controlled House, the Republican Party is FINISHED. Conservatives will take a walk on the party FOREVER - and the Republican Party will quickly thereafter go the way of the Federalist, Anti-Masonic, Whig, and Know-Nothing parties, which is into the dustbin of history.
anderson659 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 2:17 PM
Stands: I have to agree, one can only hope that party leaders kill this nonsense.

There are three Democratic party core issues, Gays, guns, and abortion.
StillStandingHisGround Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 2:20 PM

Voting yes on such a bill with this stipulation would also be political suicide for many DEMOCRATS as well, such as one I already mentioned, West Virginia's Joe Manchin.

Not ALL Senate Democrats up for re-election this year live in far-left states like California and New York.
Just a week after the eruption of the Chik-Fil-A controversy, now a bakery in Denver is being picketed and protested and denounced because its owner declined to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

This bullying has got to stop -- not only because it's wrong, but because it's un-American.  The only way a country as large and heterogenous as ours can survive is if we are willing to tolerate beliefs and assumptions we don't share (trust me, conservatives have to do it every day whenever we turn on MSM or go to the movies).  The...