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Obama’s Good for Business: Gun Sales Soar

StillStandingHisGround Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 10:27 AM
tuttletacoma, Marc_H, Checkmate, Luscious Lars, TheKenchurianPresident et al (Part 3): The template I'm thinking of here is how the bank holiday that FDR declared immediately upon becoming president was handled: in order to get back the gold that people had withdrawn from the nation's banks, the Treasury Dept. announced it would start drawing up lists of those who had withdrawn gold from banks and had not redeposited it back yet. When frightened gold hoarders inquired of the government what action was going to be taken with those lists, they were vaguely told only that if they had gold and wished to return it, the banks would be kept open for them, and reporters would be kept out of bank lobbies. This frightened many people into...

Business is booming in the firearm industry and considering Obama’s feelings about gun control, the irony is almost too poetic.

Smith & Wesson stock Friday was zooming, thanks to a stellar earnings report. The firearms maker also boosted its outlook for the rest of the year. Because of the strong business, its backlog of orders more than doubled from the same quarter last year, the company is concentrating on boosting production and building inventory.

“We are underserving the market at this moment, we all know that, and that's a great opportunity going forward for us,” CEO James...