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New Team Obama Strategy: Attacking "Right Wingers"

StillStandingHisGround Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 11:59 AM
ResistWeMuch, Georgetwin, OriginalDevilDog, Buck O, Quintus Tullius Cicero, James Butler, TaxFree1031 et al: Well, I see the troll community's NEW absolute zero of knowledge (or at least, about as close to absolute zero in this realm as it's possible to get) - nodeamass - is here. It's become quite obvious to me by now that nodeamass is a person for whom the state is the be-all and the end-all and who thus has learned to love Big Brother - and rages against conservatives because he/she just can't process the notion that we conservatives DON'T and WON'T love Big Brother.

Team Obama seems to have a new plan: attack "right wingers." Chief Obama campaign manager David Axelrod used the term in a derogatory way on Saturday and now, Vice President Joe Biden is warning voters against "right-wing ideology," in light of the Paul Ryan VP pick.

Friend --

Starting now, we can expect even more wealthy, right-wing ideologues lining up to support the Romney-Ryan ticket.

The people on the other side who are trying to buy this election are putting nasty, deceptive TV ads on the air right this very minute. They're...